Seeing Land

India Road Ahead

"Tanko Bole Chhe" (The Stitches Speak) | IIT Bombay

"Tanko Bole Chhe" is a collaboration between women artists from Kachchh in western India and one of our workshop participants Professor Nina Sabnani of IIT Bombay. The women have faced displacement, drought and war. They forge their identities in place by sharing and stitching their stories.


Coast, Commons and Conflict | The Coastal Resource Centre

Coast, Commons and Conflict showcases the struggles of the fishworkers of Ennore to have their connection to the land recognised in the face of 'development'. As ports and mega infrastructure projects threaten their livelihoods and culture, the fishworkers have turned to activism and maptivism. Through community consultation and GIS mapping, the fishworkers have taken their maptivism to court, the media, educational spaces, and beyond. Our GCRF project is collaborating with fishworkers and others on research-driven input for a forthcoming 'festival of the commons'.